Position paper

Position paper of the MWGFD in regard to „COVID-19“

According to present findings by scientific studies, the dangerousness of Covid-19 in regard to and reflected by its “mortality rate” is comparable to that of a viral flu caused by influenza viruses¹.
Whereas approximately 90% of the infected public show no or only mild symptoms, there is a small group of elderly people with one or several preexisting medical conditions who are particularly at risk. Needless to say that this high-risk group which generally bears a higher risk of infection for other pathogens as well must be met with particular consideration and offered special protection, i.e. through isolation on a voluntary basis.
The vast majority of the reported “Corona Deaths” belongs to this vulnerable group of people². At the same time, the officially publicized numbers are, in fact, misleading since the urgently necessary differentiation between “death with” and “death by” this virus was never intended nor hardly ever carried out. On the contrary: if the virus was detected, the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) gave a directive to declare the virus as the main cause of death, regardless of preexisting medical conditions (e.g. terminal cancer, severe heart and lung diseases, stroke). This approach is in violation of medical guidelines.

Nonetheless, the receding numbers of new infections and those of the alleged fatalities indicate that the infection wave of Covid-19 in Germany and Europe is subsiding and will be over soon³. Speculations about an impending “second peak” are devoid of any scientific merit. There is no comprehensible reason not to end this so called “lockdown” as quickly as possible, especially since it has already led to grave economic consequences and serious social upheavals and damages that negatively impact the physical and mental health of countless people.
There was no need to suspend important articles of the German Constitution under the pretext of “control of epidemic diseases”, when implementing the well equipped German Infection Protection Act would have been perfectly adequate. Therefore, the Constitution must be reinstated in its entirety as quickly as possible and a true and genuine democracy, which is firmly anchored in the German Constitution, must be reestablished!
The recently implemented general requirement to wear face masks in public is, from a medical point of view, neither reasonable nor justifiable. Even the WHO pointed out that there is no medical evidence which would warrant the use of masks in public for persons without acute respiratory syndromes⁴. Furthermore, the wearing of masks endangers the health and the life of people with severe lung conditions (cancer, COPD, asthma), heart disease, hypertension, as well as mentally labile persons and children. The obligatory wearing of masks in public therefore legally constitutes the offence of coercion (§240, German Criminal Code).
Also, the longing for “salvation” through a vaccine as frequently invoked by the public media as well the government, or to threaten with a “mandatory” or even “compulsory” vaccination is scientifically completely unfounded⁵. Corona viruses are subject to continuous change, so a vaccine would have to be constantly adapted and brought up to date. The actual dangers posed by this virus do by no means justify the elaborate development of such a vaccine, the costs of which would ultimately be borne by the general public.

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